Automatic Vacuum Manifolds and Valves

Vacuum Manifold Assy.
p/n A-042

Used on Excellon, EX-200, EX-300, MK-5, MK-6, MK-7, Concept 4, System 2000, Century 2001.

Replaces, Excellon p/n 41110-14 & 201907-16. Prima p/n PEVM200-2, PEVM200-4, PEVM-5, PEVM300-2, PEVM300-3 .

Major port 2.0" OD
Minor ports .875" OD x .75 ID

Low profile. Can be used even on EX-200.
Ground wire attach points provided.
Unused ports are plugged. Plugs are provided.
Includes mounting hardware.

2" Automatic Vacuum Shutoff Valve
p/n A-039

Shutoff type: Guillotine slide type
1.75" I.D. Vacuum port
2.00" O.D. Hose connection

Replaces Excellon p/n 232331-01
Aircraft aluminum construction.
Mechanical over-ride function.
Electrical over-ride function.
Adjustable gate for variable vacuum control.
Compact design
Safety design. No special pitch point cover/s required.
Uses standard Excellon solenoid valve.

Vacuum Shutoff & Manifold Assy.
p/n A-040

Combines Assemblies A-042 & A-039
Used on Excellon, Ask for application.
Replaces, Excellon p/n 203875-10 & 203875-28. Prima p/n PEVM400-2, PEVM400-4, PEVM400-5

May require additional components when used as a retrofit.

1" Automatic Vacuum Shutoff Valve
p/n P-273

This valve is used primarily on single station machines. i.e. Uniline 2001, EX-110, EX-132, Concept 1, Concept 129