Spindle Repair or Replacement

E.T.I. carries a complete line of replacement
Excellon spindles in stock.

We can repair your spindle or provide you with a new or rebuilt spindle from our stock. These spindles are available for sale outright or on an exchange basis.

Spindles in stock
Quiet Drill 420 router/driller
Quiet Drill 480 router/driller (Booster less)
Quiet Drill 820 driller/router
Quiet Drill 880 driller/router (Booster less)
Quiet Drill 1010 driller
ABW-110 Westwind air bearing spindles (all variations)
ABW-125 Westwind air bearing spindle w/SurLock Collet
ABWR-80 Westwind Air Bearing drill/rout spindle

Call us today to see how we can help you
reduce your spindle repair costs.

ETI # SP1000R
206409-18, 706409-17
ETI # SP1060R
212203-30, 712203-39
ETI # SP1110R
212203-08, 712203-08
ETI # SP1150R
215375-35, 715375-34
ETI # SP1020R
215452-15, 715452-14
ETI # SP2000R
206407-10, 706407-19