Excellon EX-110 Specifications

Machine Base

Fine grain black granite

Number of spindles


Drill / Rout Area

20" x 24"

Table Guides, Bearings & Positioning System

Patented frictionless pre-loaded air bearing X, Y guides; air bearing table flotation, Z-axis air bearing sleeve

Drill Hole Accuracy

+/- .001" typical

Routed Panel Accuracy

+/- .002" typical

Straightness of Travel

.0001" /ft

Spindle Run out T.I.R.

.0005" T.I.R. measured .75" from collet

Spindle Mount Assembly

Drilling mode: precision, friction-free, self-aligning air bearing sleeve

Routing mode: air bearing sleeve with rigid dual pneumatic clamping


X,Y and Z re-circulating pre-loaded ball screws

Spindle Motor

15,000 - 60,000 drill rout spindle

Drill Sizes

.008" - .250" diameters with 1/8" shank

Router Size

Any common 1/8" shank router bit

Tool Change System

Tool Pod System: Automatic with 10 tool pods

Tool Management System: 120 tool cassette

Control System

Excellon’s CNC-6 advanced Microprocessor CPU with 512K bytes of dynamic RAM capable of storing 65,000 X, Y coordinates


Excellon’s modular software

Data Output

Floppy disk, display screen

Options: paper tape punch, Distributed Numeric Control (DNC)

Data Input

Floppy disk, keyboard

Options: paper tape reader, Distributed Numeric Control (DNC) optical scope

Dimensions & weight

Machine; 32" x 52" x 56" 2,000 lbs

Controller: 250 lbs.

Power Input

230V, 50/60 hz, 20amp single phase

Air Input

95-150psi, 20 scfm flow